Meeting with MP on Afrin crisis

On Wednesday 5th December 2018 OKA members had a meeting with Looyd Russel-Moyle MP in Westminster to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afrin.

The main purpose of the meeting was to convey the suffering of the Afrin’s civilians to the British Parliament.

The main points for discussion were as follows:

1. Delivering humanitarian aid to all the citizens in Afrin also supporting the health and education sectors.
2. Opening a humanitarian corridor for neutral international organisations to work in Afrin.
3. To end violation by Turkey-backed Syrian rebel army soldiers and to provide security for the civilians.

In the end it was agreed to communicate and follow up.

Mr. Lloyd Russell-Moyle visited Rojava (Kurdish Region in Syria) this year in April and he has extensive information on what is going on in the Kurdish region in Syria. Click HERE for more information about this visit.