Oxford City Council workshop

Today 27/9/2017 at 6 pm, OKA in coordination with Oxford City Council ran a workshop to shed light on the council's Draft Housing & Homelessness Strategy 2018-2021.

Topics discussed were:

  • Increase housing supply and improve access to affordable housing
  • Prevent homelessness and meet the needs of vulnerable people (including: Rough Sleepers and Single Homeless in the City)
  • Make best use of private sector accommodation (including: bringing empty properties back into use)
  • Invest to create sustainable communities that are safe and healthy
  • Be an effective landlord and deliver quality services

At the end, the council team had written down the participants' comments & notes.

OKA would like to thank the council team (Mr Alan Chandler and Mrs Naomi Winnifrith) for their presentation and for sharing their plans with the OKSA community.